Ultra-Wide Landscape Photography Bundle




Bundle: Ultra-Wide Landscape Photography eBook + Video Download

Author: Ian Plant

Ultra-wide lenses and landscape photography are made for each other. Some people might find this counter intuitive – after all, ultra-wide angles of view can make stunning landscape features, like huge mountains, look very small — but if you learn to use your ultra-wide the correct way, you’ll be able to create some truly unorthodox perspectives.

This remarkable eBook and video bundle by Ian Plant aims to do just that: To teach you exactly how to use your ultra-wide lens to create compelling and unique landscape photos.

You’ll learn both technical and artistic considerations unique to ultra-wide angle photography, including composition, dealing with the distortion inherent to wide-angle lens designs, and techniques for ensuring sharp near/far focus every time.

shopp>Ever wonder how a great photographer captures those magnificent, wide-angle landscape images? Travel to Badlands National Park, Lake Superior and Patagonia with Ian Plant to discover his secrets: His 70-page PDF ebook is supplemented by 33 minutes of video showing important ultra-wide techniques in the field, and demonstrating digital darkroom techniques. It’s almost like being on a photo workshop with Ian, for a fraction of the price.

You’ll be out taking amazing ultra-wide landscape photos in no time!

eBook – Ultra-Wide Landscape: The Complete Guide to Compelling Wide-Angle Landscape Photography

70 page Digital PDF eBook Download

Video Download – Ultra-Wide Landscape Photography Video Course

33 minutes.

About the Author: Ian Plant is the Managing Editor of Outdoor Photography Guide. In addition, Ian is a Tamron Image Master, a contributor to several leading publications, and he leads photo tours all over the world. He has also authored numerous educational photography eBooks, which you can find in the Outdoor Photography Guide Shop.

Watch a preview of this Video Download below:

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