Video Simplified: A Guide For Nature Photographers eBook


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eBook: Video Simplified: A Guide For Nature Photographers

Author: Glenn Bartley

“I first realized the power of video after one of my lengthy photo excursions to South America. I had a group of friends over for dinner and was showing them some of my favourite images from the trip. Although people were enjoying the images I could tell that they audience of non-bird nerds was growing restless. I decided to show them a simple, unedited video clip I shot of an Andean Cock of the Rock doing its display call. The audience loved it! They were way more interested in a 10 second clip of video than all of my still images put together. It was so depressing!

The more I thought about the situation though I began to understand the power of video over still images. While photographers and birders may appreciate the quality of a photograph the general public is more enchanted by a moving picture. I think there are a variety of explanations for this. Perhaps the most important though is that video is more engaging and gives the audience a much better sense of what it would be like to have actually seen the subject in real life. They can see how the animal moves or hear its calls. Video has the capability to appeal to more of our senses than a photo does. If we add in a bit of cinematography and narration then we can truly tell a story and really captivate our audience.

Today’s Digital SLR’s have the ability to shoot incredible quality video footage. Not only is the quality great but the filming is really easy to do! With a few quick clicks photographers can capture phenomenal clips of wildlife and then edit them together into a nice enjoyable movie to share with friends.

The goal of this book is to provide its readers with a solid foundation of how to shoot and edit good quality nature videos. Chapter 1 will aim to provide a clear understanding of how to record a good quality video. Chapter 2 will look at how to prepare video clips for editing. Chapters 3 and 4 will explain how to make a video template and then how to put together your first completed video. Finally, chapter 5 will describe how to share your videos effectively using YouTube.

I sincerely hope that you enjoy this book.”

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About the Author: Glenn Bartley is a professional nature photographer from British Columbia, Canada. He focuses his efforts on capturing intimate images of birds in their natural habitat. Glenn is especially known for his portraits of rare and difficult to photograph birds from the Neotropical Region and for his portfolio of hummingbird images.