David Johnston

3 Tips For Better Photos on Blue Sky Days

David Johnston
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Duration:   7  mins

For landscape photographers, blue skies present difficult lighting conditions. In this premium video, Outdoor Photography Guideā€™s David Johnston demonstrates 3 tips to create better photos on days when the sky is bright blue.

The first tip is to eliminate the blue sky, removing the blue horizon line and focusing on the land, small shady scenes and textures. For soft lighting conditions, you can visit forested areas.

For the second tip, you can move your horizon line higher up in the frame and include a small blue band at the top of the image. Be sure to expose the foreground, which will darken the sky.

The third tip is to fill the frame with the sky and use a wide angle lens. For instance, if you shoot at f 16 or above, you can create sun stars in the sky.

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