Three Types of Camera Filters for Outdoor Photography

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Duration:   2  mins

When should you use a camera filter? How can it help make better pictures? In this video, professional nature photographer Ian Plant will take you through the three types of camera filters he uses when shooting outdoors.

You will learn that the polarizing filter removes glares and reflections. Discover how neutral density filters of various strengths block light coming into the center so that you can experiment with long exposure effects. Learn how the graduated neutral density filter helps to balance bright skies and dark landscapes when you shoot sunrises or sunsets.

Join pro photographer Ian Plant as he shows you the various types of camera filters to help you create imaginative outdoor photographs.

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2 Responses to “Three Types of Camera Filters for Outdoor Photography”

    • Customer Service

      Hello Daniel,

      The lesson presenter is currently unavailable so we may not be able to specify the exact brand. There are number of similar
      products available.

      Depending on your budget you have 3 main options: Gelatin, Plastic, and Glass
      For example:

      · 4×4 Gelatin Neutral Density 4 (ND) can cost +/- $125 USD
      · 4×5.65 Glass ND filter can cost +/- $400
      ……This would not include the filter holder with the rings to attach to your lens.

      · Cokin makes plastic filter kits from $50 to over $300
      You will be able to find all these options at the standard venders on line.

      If you are new to filters I’d recommend going for Cokin get the least expensive option that you’d be interested in to experiment with.
      Go could also enter: square filters for photography into an Amazon Search you’ll get lots of low price options.

      After that, if you find you want to explore this at a more advanced level you can always move up to a more costly option. My recommendation
      is to the contact a pro retailer and explain what filter(s) and holder systems they have to offer. You can check any of the large East or West coast
      camera shops and/or any professional film or video equipment vendor.

      High end main line brands will include: Tiffen, Lee, B+W, and Schneider

      There are lots of options out there and it can really add up and again I’d recommend starting simple, and go slow until you know what you
      need and want.

      Happy Shooting!
      Steve OPG Video Membership

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