Layne Kennedy

Basic Time Lapse Overview

Layne Kennedy
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Duration:   2  mins

Still photographers can create the illusion of motion through the use of time-lapse photography, taking advantage of rapidly changing scenes to join a multitude of photos. In this video, you’ll learn tips and techniques on how best to capture motion. Photographer Layne Kennedy chose the Minnesota Twins’ home opener to get his shots, all 600 or so of them, as he shot one frame every five seconds for 30 minutes outside Target Field, photographing the crowd passing by the Kirby Puckett statue. Layne explains how he converted the shots to low-resolution images and used software to put them together for a QuickTime movie.

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One Response to “Basic Time Lapse Overview”

  1. jeffreyw1

    So, what length did Layne have his camera placed behind the statue when he took the time lapse photos and was the camera on a tripod? Thanks.

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