Ian Plant

Battery Power in the Wilderness

Ian Plant
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Duration:   2  mins

You are in a beautiful wilderness setting, all set to capture a spectacular landscape image. Suddenly, you run out of battery power. All your batteries are dead. In this free video, world renowned outdoor photographer Ian Plant tells you to forget the extra batteries. In remote locations, he uses a lightweight solar panel charger and an accessory battery that plugs into the charger.

Here is how it works: when you are hiking or anywhere on the move, you hang the solar charger on your backpack and let the sun do the rest. This will allow you to charge several batteries, your phone. or headlamp from a single charge on the accessory battery. Whether you are on a wilderness trek or exploring your local park, you can make productive use of a solar panel with an accessory battery.

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3 Responses to “Battery Power in the Wilderness”

  1. Martin Eudall

    Agree some for of charging is useful - however why all that solar kit to carry. I have a 10000 milliamp backup battery the size of an iPhone and a universal usb charger (in fact I also cassy a 5000 milliamp backup battery as well. Both fit easily in the pocket of a camera bag and can be charging while on the move

  2. Darlene Brady

    What is a good brand of solar charger ?

  3. Craig Holtz

    <strong> Ticket 17146 Ian: How do you like the solar charger that you use? Also, what is the accessory charger that you use?

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