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David Johnston
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Duration:   15  mins

If you are a serious photographer, you’ve probably made a number of quality prints of your photographs. But have you ever tried a metal print? Maybe not because you may not know where to get a metal print done. Enter Bay Photo Metal Prints, the printer that most professionals recommend. Outdoor Photography Guide’s pro shooter David Johnston gets certain of his images done there. In this video lesson David analyzes the features and advantages of printing on metal and why working with Bay Photo Metal Prints is the best way to go.

David shows you a large wall print of a Zion National Park mountain valley he had done at Bay Photo Metal Prints. The details are incredible – from the colors (greens and oranges and browns) to the dramatic depth of field between mountains and stormy sky. You will find that Bay Photo Metal Prints can handle any kind of color or tone, and also the whole range of highlights and shadows. David’s print is housed in a float frame, a raised mount on the back to separate his print an inch from the wall.

David demonstrates another of his landscape images, a river scene made into a high gloss metal print. This one has a built-in black metal frame, just one of numerous framing and finish options from Bay Photo Metal Prints. The type of metal print finish you choose depends on the image you created. David shows you sample prints of high gloss, textured appearance, sheer satin, main satin, sheer gloss, mid gloss and more.

Bay Photo Metal Prints is a trusted brand and known for superb quality. In this video lesson Outdoor Photography Guide’s David Johnston shows you the features of printing on metal and also the variety of choices you can get there. Pick one of your favorite compositions and give Bay Photo Metal Prints a try.

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