Tips for Choosing the Best Monitor for Photo Editing

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Duration: 3:39

You’ve just captured a memorable image, and it looks great on your camera’s LCD screen. However, it doesn’t look as good on your computer monitor. That’s why it’s important to have the best monitor for photo editing. In this free video, world renowned outdoor photographer Ian Plant shows you the optimum features you’ll need in purchasing the best monitor for photo editing.

First, you should choose a monitor with a wide color gamut range that will cover most of the Adobe sRGB color space. Second, you’ll need a monitor with a wide consistent viewing angle for color and illumination, and with a matte finish instead of a glossy finish. Third, you should buy the largest screen you can afford. For his own post production, Ian edits on he considers the best monitor for photo editing: the 24 inch Eizo ColorEdge Monitor with built-in color calibration.

Check out these tips for calibrating your monitor before you begin photo-editing!

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2 Responses to “Tips for Choosing the Best Monitor for Photo Editing”

  1. Tammy Christensen

    Ticket 17676 I looked at B & H, for the 24 inch EIZO with the built in colour calibration. There are several. And a price range. Which one would you recommend?

    • Customer Service

      Dear Tammy,

      Thank you for your patience. In regards to your question-

      Hi, I usually don’t offer specific product recommendations, as everyone has different budgets and needs, and I haven’t tested the products that are currently available. But, I will say that personally, I prefer a monitor with built-in calibration hardware.
      Best regards,

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