Canon 11-24mm Lens Review

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Duration: 6:29

What is your favorite camera lens? In this free video, professional outdoor photographer, Ian Plant, shows you why the Canon 11-24mm lens has changed the way he approaches photography.

What makes this lens special is the extreme, wide angle perspective at 11mm. It works best when you are photographing landscapes and need dramatic foregrounds and giant skies in the background. It is also effective when you are shooting architecture and home interiors. Ian shows you how to use the Canon 11-24mm lens and offers his own award-winning images as examples.

Join pro shooter, Ian Plant, to learn the features, advantages, and benefits of the Canon 11-24mm lens.

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2 Responses to “Canon 11-24mm Lens Review”

  1. Earl J Han

    Ian mentions the cons and the pros of the camera…
    It would be nice if he “showed” us what he speaks of…
    The flares, for instance… he showed one image in passing without
    any ID on whether it was what he liked… or hated… or which lenses
    was used to capture the image. . .?

    I’m from Missouri. . . show me. . . (wink)

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