Doug Gardner

Capturing Olympic National Park Rainforest - Course Preview

Doug Gardner
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Duration:   1 mins

Photographing the rainforest is an amazing experience. In this series of videos, outdoor photographer, Doug Gardner, travels to Washington’s Olympic National Park for ideas on capturing the rainforest.

Doug takes you to a tree-lined meadow and photographs a herd of elk. He moves to a huge stand of moss-covered trees and captures the scene in low light with the aid of polarizing filters.
He gets in closer and shoots a silhouette of backlighted tree limbs. Along the trail, he shows you the option of the High Dynamic Range image. Doug ends his journey on the rocky coastline for photos of tidal pools and pounding surf.

Join pro shooter, Doug Gardner, for photographic adventures in Olympic National Park’s rainforest.



Capturing Olympic National Park Rainforest – Course Preview
Shooting in Low Light: How to Photograph a Rainforest
Shooting in Contrasting Light
Rainforest Photography: Tips and Techniques
Photographing a Coastline

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