Capturing Wildlife in the Backwaters of ACE Basin

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Duration: 13:28

Wildlife is abundant in South Carolina’s ACE Basin. In this video, Professional wildlife photographer, Doug Gardner, and pro shooter, Eric Horan, show you shooting techniques for capturing a variety of species including alligators, dolphins, deer, mink, and an amazing variety of rare birds.

The photographers venture into the backwaters of the ACE Basin in kayaks and on foot. Doug uses telephoto lenses to stay clear of the animals and capture natural behavior. He reminds you to pay attention to aperture exposure through the changing daylight. To photograph the active birds, he sometimes chooses manual focus to freeze movements and avoid blur.

Come along with pro shooters, Doug Gardner and Eric Horan, as they provide plenty of wildlife photography tips from the extraordinary ACE Basin.


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Capturing Wildlife in the Backwaters of ACE Basin

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