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Color-Coded Filters

Paul Thomson
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There are many ways to enhance the beauty of an outdoor landscape image. Of course, one way is to manipulate the photograph in post-production with Lightroom or Photoshop software editing. But another great technique is to employ camera filters when you are in the field.

In color photography, color camera filters are used to alter the color quality of the light to match the color sensitivity of the film. Some camera filters are used in both color and black-and-white photography. In this quick video lesson, Outdoor Photography Guide’s Paul Thomson takes you outside on a cold British morning and into the hills where he shows how to make your field experience easier with color-coded camera filters.

The newer camera filters are magnetic and color coded, meaning you can select the right filter by merely looking at the sleeves that house the camera filters. This is especially helpful if you wear eyeglasses. Paul demonstrates with his Kase Revolution camera filters kit. Silver indicates the CPL polarizing filter, blue is the ND8 neutral density filter, gold is the six stop neutral density filter, and red is the ten stop neutral density filter.

As Paul explains, these color-coded camera filters allow you to make quick creative decisions when you confront rapidly changing light. He shows you how to fit the camera filters on your lens. Because the camera filters are magnetic, they snap easily into place. Paul has stopped using the old square camera filters and has converted to the color-coded magnetic circular filters for their ease of use.

To improve your outdoor photography and challenge your creativity under any lighting condition, take time to experiment with color-coded filters. They will expand your photography vocabulary. In this video, Outdoor Photography Guide’s pro photographer Paul Thomson shows you the latest in magnetic camera filters that are color coded for ease of use in the field.

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