Expert Interview on Flying Drones for Aerial Photography

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Duration: 11:51

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In this video, award-winning photographer, Steve Niedorf, conducts an interview with Adam Geiss, professional photographer and certified RC pilot.

You will learn photography tips and trips from the experts including…

  • How to scout your aerial location free of hazards such as power lines, cell towers, and busy roads.
  • Considerations of weather, open spaces, and sun position.
  • Optimal wind speed.
  • Built-in firmware that prevents you flying near an airport.
  • The battery: your fuel tank in aerial photography.
  • The value of the downlink monitor for on-screen display telemetry.
  • The landing zone, where you take off and where you land.
  • Safety suggestions when flying around people.
  • Follow the advice and aerial photography tips of experts Steve Niedorf and Adam Geiss and get out there and adventure into the world of aerial photography.


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