Doug Gardner

Fall Photography Tips: Capturing Vibrant Landscapes - Course Preview

Doug Gardner
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Duration:   2  mins

Composing beautiful fall landscape photographs doesn’t happen by chance. Join Doug Gardner and Bill Lea in the Great Smoky Mountains and learn how to create compelling autumn pictures.

Fall landscape photography seems to appeal to both amateur and professional photographers. When the leaves start changing colors, cameras come out. In this course, professional photographer Doug Gardner joins landscape photographer Bill Lea in the Great Smoky Mountains to capture the breathtaking spectrum of color in the region. You will learn how to best use equipment, lighting, and composition to improve and enhance your fall landscape photography.



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One Response to “Fall Photography Tips: Capturing Vibrant Landscapes - Course Preview”

  1. Hawk

    proofing something you know ‘back to front’ should be edited as such – start at the last chapter and proof it backwards! I have found it helps with that problem of editing fatigue … i.e. the first few chapters get a ࡈgood․ proofing, leaving you weary and less detailed as you go through.

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