David Johnston

How to Shoot with Focus Stacking in the Field

David Johnston
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Duration:   2  mins

There are many obstacles for outdoor photographers to overcome when shooting in the field. For example, you think you have a tack-sharp photo when you look at the image on your camera, but when you look at the photo on the computer screen you realize that it’s slightly out of focus. One of the ways you can fix focus issues is using a smaller aperture such as an f/16. However, even a small aperture can reveal some fuzzy focusing. In order to be sure you have tack sharp focus throughout a deep field of focus, you need to use a technique called focus stacking. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to focus stack in the field for the sharpest photos ever.

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3 Responses to “How to Shoot with Focus Stacking in the Field”

  1. Chris

    Always well done. Thank you for your continued inspiration and training ideas

  2. Zak

    One answer would be to change the settings and fire the shutter via app. Then the only nudge would be wind and possible motion from the shutter.

  3. jmiller583

    Seems like it would be extremely difficult to shoot a series of photos that you plan to stack, while actually handling the camera in between each one even if only adjusting the focus ring. The slightest nudge would hopelessly reframe the scene enough to goof it up.

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