How and Why to Use a Camera L Bracket Accessory

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Duration:   1  mins

As its name implies, the camera L-bracket is shaped like the letter L. That L could stand for leverage, because that’s exactly what it provides for your camera that’s perched on a tripod. In this video you’ll see a demonstration by expert photographer Ian Plant as he sets up an L-bracket in both horizontal and vertical positions. You’ll learn why this small piece of equipment is big on benefits, and what those benefits are. By the time you’ve watched and learned, you’ll probably realize that the camera L-bracket is a must have accessory for your camera bag. It can boost the quality of your photographs while providing more ease to your photography adventures.

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3 Responses to “How and Why to Use a Camera L Bracket Accessory”


    The L bracket concept was okay as far as you described it, but the real and most important purpose is to give the camera and lens the same central point of focus when switching from horizontal to vertical therefore eliminating the need to re-compose the shot. If you did not do this and simply used the ball drop down slot for vertical you would have to raise the legs or the column if there is one to get the same focus point.

  2. Richard

    Switched over to a “L” bracket last month, going from landscape to portrait is just that easy.

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