David Johnston

How to Edit Outdoor Photos Faster

David Johnston
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Duration:   9  mins

You’re an outdoor photographer who likes coverage. On an extended field trip outing, you may capture thousands of images, and that means a huge number of digital files to download and sort. This raises the question: how to edit outdoor photos without getting buried in file piles. In this premium video about how to edit outdoor photos faster, Outdoor Photography Guide’s pro photographer David Johnston helps you solve the problem of how to edit outdoor photos efficiently.

When you get a huge batch of images from a long trip, it can be overwhelming to edit them all. How do you speed up the process? How to make the right changes without a lot of hassle? From his field trip to the Smoky Mountains, David chooses a foggy mountain image captured at many different exposures.

In Lightroom, he starts with global adjustments and works with various tools: temperature, tint, exposure, contrast, clarity, and many more. Next, he manipulates local adjustments with tools such as spot removal, brushes, and alterations of individual colors in hues, luminance and saturation. Finally, he makes adjustments in color grading, paying close attention to isolated areas of the image.

Now the challenge of how to edit outdoor photos faster is to apply those same adjustments to the complete sequence of images he exposed from the same angle. If you are a serious photographer, you might have captured 50 different exposures of one scene, even more exposures if you are photographing birds and wild animals. You will learn to use Lightroom’s Library View and its sync settings to apply your edits to all the photo files in a sequence. As an alternative to sync settings, you can use Create Presets in the Develop module. The key to how to edit outdoor photos faster is to batch edit your images.

Follow along with Outdoor Photography Guide’s professional photographer David Johnston as he guides you through the process of editing outdoor photos more quickly.

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