How To Get Started In Aerial Photography

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You’ve made your decision to fly. You’ve bought your new quadcopter. What next? In this session, award-winning editorial photographer and instructor, Steve Niedorf, will guide you through safety preparations and aerial photography tips so you will be ready to capture images in your very first flight. Steve will explain the radio-controlled quadcopter that allows you to take still and video images from the air.

You will also learn:

  • About other multi-rotor copter platforms.
  • The ideal platform for the hobbyist, the quadcopter.
  • The guidelines for safe flying, safety for others, for yourself, and for property.
  • Respect for people’s property and privacy.
  • The safety link for flying your quadcopter as outlined by the Academy of Aeronautics.
  • So buckle up and get started. You will soon be on your maiden flight to the exhilarating world of aerial photography.



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