Doug Gardner & Gary Carter

How to Photograph Songbirds—Course Preview

Doug Gardner & Gary Carter
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Duration:   1  mins

To photograph songbirds, you need to understand their behavior. In this video series, professional bird photographers Doug Gardner and Gary Carter hunker down in Gary’s North Carolina bird sanctuary and show you how they go about capturing images of cardinals, woodpeckers, pine warblers, woodpeckers, bluebirds, and more in this beautiful environment for songbirds. Gary will explain how he constructed the habitat: a pond bordered by dead logs and plants, bird feeders on trees and in the cover of bushes, and a premium feed mix including black gold sunflowers and berries. Finally, Gary built a bird blind in an old shed for the ideal photo opportunities. Join Doug and Gary for all you need to know on how to photograph songbirds.


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One Response to “How to Photograph Songbirds—Course Preview”

  1. Jeanie

    Very excited about this video series! I have the birds, now i hope to pick up the pointers of capturing them on camera and not through my windows! :) Ty for this one!

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