Ian Plant

3 Quick Tips on How to Photograph Waterfalls

Ian Plant
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Duration:   1  mins

How to photograph waterfalls. It’s a challenge, but the results can be spectacular. In this free video, world renowned outdoor photographer Ian Plant travels to coastal Lake Superior where waterfalls abound. He advocates three techniques in how to photograph waterfalls. First, he recommends a polarizing lens filter to reduce glare and improve the colors and contrast.

Second, he advises using long exposures to create a silken effect on the rushing water. Your best bet is to start with a half second and increase the exposure times as alternatives to achieve your desired effect. Third, he suggests you wear waterproof waders in order to immerse yourself in the environment and optimize your compositional perspectives. Join pro photographer Ian Plant for valuable tips and techniques on how to photograph waterfalls.

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3 Responses to “3 Quick Tips on How to Photograph Waterfalls”

  1. Mike

    A good quick introduction, but you say to hold on the the camera at all times when in the water, yet you don't do that yourself!

  2. LS

    Often in discussions about shooting waterfalls the recommended filter is an ND filter vs a CP. Am I right in that the CP would be the first choice assuming one can achieve the long exposure with proper ISO and aperture? Would you stack a CP over a ND? Any other thought on th subject? Thank you.

  3. Bill

    You know, I paid for a membership. I don't appreciate having to sit through an ad before I watch one of your videos. If you can't stop this, I will NOT renew my membership!

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