How to Use a Shutter Release Remote for Clearer Images

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Duration:   1  mins

If you haven’t used a shutter release remote switch or just want to learn how to better use one, you’re in the right place. This video walks you through exactly what a remote switch is plus why and when to use one. Professional photographer Ian Plant talks about how much this handy yet simple photography tool can improve the quality of your images. You’ll see a demonstration explaining how to set up a shutter release remote switch along with some little known tips to further enhance the functioning of this piece of equipment. Once you’re familiar with using a remote switch, you’ll wonder how you ever took photos without one.

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5 Responses to “How to Use a Shutter Release Remote for Clearer Images”

  1. Paul

    I was under the impression that you had to set the camera up to Bulb mode. By connecting the remote then it is basically overiding the shutter release?

    • Customer Service

      Hello Paul,
      Different camera bodies are wired to handle this in different ways. You are correct that for many cameras connecting the cable/switch to the bodying setting the shutter to the “B” mode provides an unlimited exposure as long as you hold down the button. If you have questions or issues regarding these features contact the camera manufacturer or log into a Help message board for your camera body.

      Happy Shooting!

  2. Deborah

    Is there an advantage to using a remote tethered to the camera instead of a wireless remote?

    • Customer Service

      No advantage either way it’s whatever work best in the situation. I use both depending on circumstances. Typically the
      tether works somewhat faster and maybe a bit more reliable, as it is hardwired.

      I often tether to trigger and get files direct to the laptop. I’m a Canon shooter and my go to is EOS utilities with a watched
      folder to Lightroom. Very robust and with a 2-3 second time to get the files on the laptop, and for triggering only works without
      any lag.

      My wireless option is the CamRanger which just keeps on getting better. When I’m shooting tricky architecture interiors the
      trigger works great and with no lag. CamRanger can be configured to actually transmit the RAW’s via adhoc wifi, which works well
      but obviously a little pokey considering the file size.

      If you are looking for a trigger only option there are numerous solutions, the camera manufactures all make them, and their lots of
      third party options triggers. One of my wireless fav’s is the hardware/software solution: Trigger Trap. This offers lots of trigger options
      including AppleWatch!

      Happy Shooting!

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