How to Use a Wide-Angle Lens the Right Way

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Duration:   3  mins

One of the most important lenses that outdoor photographers can buy and use in their photography is the wide-angle lens. Wide-angle lenses can be used by the photographer to create stunning compositions full of interesting lines and enormous foregrounds. With that said, you can’t simply slap a wide-angle lens onto your camera body and start shooting, expecting to be successful with the wide-angle effect. In this video, David Johnston, professional outdoor photographer, will visit a waterfall to look at how to use a wide-angle lens to capture larger foregrounds that suck you into the frame, as well as how to make your backgrounds more effective in your composition.

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      The photographer featured in the lesson is not available at this time.
      That said, for what it’s worth, it appeared to me to be equivalent to an 18 mm +\- lens on a full frame digital camera.
      As always these lessons are meant to be more of an inspiration than an exact technical duplication of equipment and techniques.
      With that in mind feel free to use your existing gear well as locations which are convenient to you to apply the methods and techniques in the lessons.

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