David Johnston

An Introduction to Layers in Photoshop

David Johnston
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Duration:   7  mins

You have quality camera gear, and your outdoor photographs have been pretty good, the colors spot on. But what if you want to add other effects to your images, improve on what you captured in the field? In this premium video, An Introduction to Layers in Photoshop, Outdoor Photography Guide’s photographer David Johnston takes you into his studio and shows you how to add visual dimensions through layers in Photoshop.

Why are layers in Photoshop important? Through careful editing, you can add a kind of step by step improvement to the image you captured in your camera software. David explains the benefits with his “masterpiece” photo of a mountain range at sunset. You will learn the commands to build layers in Photoshop.

Each layer is transparent until you add an editing effect with one of many tools. Your original or “masterpiece” image is never corrupted because each new transparent layer rests on top of the background photo file. For example, David creates a new layer, selects the gradient tool, brings up a color, and drags the cursor over the golden sky. Result? A darker sky to enhance the sunset. With layers in Photoshop, he has created a dramatic effect without disturbing his original landscape file.

From the adjustments layer tool kit, David selects a curves adjustment. By manipulating the graph, he is able to make changes to the lights and darks through movements from his cursor. By adding these two layers in Photoshop, he has improved his original photograph. With these kinds of adjustments in post processing, you can do wonders with your outdoor images. And it’s all through the technique of layers in Photoshop.

Join Outdoor Photography Guide’s nature photographer David Johnston for this premium video, An Introduction to Layers in Photoshop. You will see significant improvement in your captured digital files after you edit with layers in Photoshop.

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