Locating Harbor Seals Along the Washington Coast

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Travel on a chartered boat with professional photographers Doug Gardner and Aaron Baggenstos through the waters off the coast of San Juan Island between Washington State and Canada. You will learn how to look for and spot harbor seals as they sun themselves on the rocky coast and its outcroppings.

Professional photographers Doug Gardner and Aaron Baggenstos take you on a chartered boat as they go searching for harbor seals and orca killer whales off the coast of San Juan Island between Washington State and Canada. They keep their eyes open for sightings of harbor seals, sunning themselves on rocky outcroppings along the coast and islands. The largest outcroppings are like sunbathing resorts for the seals. Doug and Aaron find literally hundreds of seals sunning themselves on the rocks. Some seal pups frolic in the water while their mothers sunbathe right above them. They are rewarded for their sharp observation by the stunning photographs they are able to capture.


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