Matt Bishop

Low Light Seascapes Without a Tripod

Matt Bishop
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Duration:   11  mins

Are you tired of using your tripod in your outdoor adventures? In this premium video, Outdoor Photography Guide’s Matt Bishop takes you to the island of Sardinia and demonstrates how to capture low light seascapes without a tripod.

With his camera shake reduction feature, he is able to shoot the sea up to a half second exposure, which captures a kind of abstract water movement. For moderately long exposures, Matt suggests holding the camera tight against your face to reduce camera wobble. To capture the silky smoothness of the sea, he shoots at f/14 at 1/4th second, ISO 100.

In the low light of early morning, Matt uses his 24mm lens and shoots a wide angle scene of blue water and the distant horizon. Because of the shake reduction feature, he is able to set his camera at ISO 100, f/13 at 1/4 second. Try going handheld without a tripod with Outdoor Photography Guide’s Matt Bishop.

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