Mountain Photography Tips for Weather and Lighting

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How can you make the most of sunny or cloudy days? Learn how to use the weather to your advantage in this session. Learn why cloudy skies are your best friend and how to overcome lighting challenges and still get awesome shots.

Weather can add to your shot, or detract from it. The mountain photography tips covered in this session teach you how to make the most of lighting, clouds, and other elements so that you can achieve those dramatic shots. Don’t settle for flat shots, let weather help you up your photography game.

Knowing When to Shoot, and When to Call it a Day

Sometimes, cloudy, gray weather can be your friend. Damp weather, windy weather, and sunny weather all have their pluses and minuses. The key is learning how to use the existing conditions to your advantage. Sometimes, however, weather is simply not your friend, and shooting will have to wait another day.