Nature's Textures Day 2 - Water

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Duration:   5  mins

Welcome to the Outdoor Photography Guide Nature’s Textures Photo Challenge! Over the next six days, we’ll be sending you video prompts to inspire your outdoor photography. Choose any of the prompts, grab your camera, and get creative! Then, share your photos in our Facebook Group by 11:59:59 PM CT on 02/17/22 for a chance to win one of three fantastic prizes! We can’t wait to see what you capture!

In nature, even a still body of water is always changing. With so many ways to immortalize the beauty of water in your photography, Paul Thompson shares some of his tips for photographing this versatile subject. He’ll cover a few useful techniques and share his advice on equipment that may come in handy when capturing the movement and mood of a water scene in nature.

Don’t forget to BOOKMARK THIS PAGE to join us for the wrap-up of Nature’s Textures! Paul Thomson, Matt Bishop, and Tom Peters will go LIVE on Friday, February 18th at 2:00pm CT to critique some of the submissions and chat about the Photography Challenge experience!

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