Ian Plant

OPG LIVE: July 2019

Ian Plant
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Duration:   1  hrs

Pro photographer Ian Plant has just returned from photographing the total solar eclipse in the desert of Argentina. He shares stories and photos from his adventure in this months event!

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3 Responses to “OPG LIVE: July 2019”

  1. Larry

    Where do you get insurance?


    m I crazy for NOT wanting to do a ton of PS stuff? I'm like you, I prefer to compose in camera and then maybe play with light a little bit etc...........are we outcasts?

  3. Ross

    <strong>‬ With the lenses you mentioned for our Badlands Master Class on Landscape, would there be a compelling reason to bring my Canon 24mm TS with me if I have the 11-24mm lens? I've enjoyed using it but want to stay as light as possible when traveling.

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