Ian Plant

Utilizing Patterns and Repetition in Photography

Ian Plant
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Duration:   2  mins

Patterns and repetition in photography. These are two important concepts to engage the viewer. In this free video, world renowned outdoor photographer Ian Plant shows you how patterns and repetitions in photography can be applied to your own images. There is an infinite variety of patterns in the natural and human world: patches of wildflowers, lichen on rocks, weathered wood, ripples in sand, mountain ridges, architectural designs, and cityscapes. Ian shows you his own photographic examples including the Great Sand Dunes National Park, sunlit ridges in the Utah desert, multi-hued mountains in Argentina, and more. You will learn how to look for an interesting repetition of shapes, how to recognize light and shadow patterns, and why uneven spacing works best. You will also learn why short telephoto zoom lenses are ideal to capture patterns and repetitions in photography.

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