Photographing Foxes in the Sand Dunes

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Have you ever tried to photograph the sly, wily fox? Expert wildlife photographers Doug Gardner and Jared Lloyd take you to the sand dunes of North

Carolina where they teach the art of photographing foxes.

Scouting an English red fox takes planning. Here are some of the wildlife photography tips we will discuss in this session:

  • The importance of spending time to scout locations.
  • Incorporating natural vegetation to help camouflage your blind.
  • Setting up for the best lighting conditions to photograph the elusive fox.
  • How to measure the wind to disguise your own human smells.
  • How to pick the proper lenses for optimum sharpness.
  • Photographing foxes can be a fun but challenging experience. Join Doug and Jared as they show you how to photograph English red foxes.



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