How to Photograph the Night Sky - Course Preview

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Duration:   1  mins

Join us for a tutorial on photographing the night sky. You’ll learn how to set-up your shots at dusk, how to capture brilliant star shots, and how to edit your photos for even more dramatic effects.

Get the skinny on exactly what to do when photographing the night sky, from capturing the beauty of the stars, to the outline of the constellations, and even to the moon in the night sky. Professional photographers Doug Gardner and Kevin Adams give you in-depth instruction and a plethora of tips so you can take high quality photos like theirs. They will show you how to gather information that will tell you what time the stars will be in the perfect position for your shots, how to set up your shots ahead in the daytime, and what camera settings and lenses you should use for beautiful photos of the night sky.


See all of the videos in our How to Photograph the Night Sky Course:

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3 Responses to “How to Photograph the Night Sky – Course Preview”

    • Customer Service


      I’m assuming from your post that you might not have actually taken the course and just watched the preview, so first off I recommend watching that lesson which explains how to photograph the stars.

      That said, nighttime photography is challenging, but luckily there are lots of OPG resources for you to refer to for help. I did an All Article search on the OPG site, using night sky as a search term and got a number of hits that pertain, I would recommend also one of these lessons.

      Happy Shooting!

      Outdoor Photography Guide

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