David Johnston

Planning for Photography Success with Fujifilm

David Johnston
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Duration:   7  mins

What makes a superb outdoor photograph? Sure, it takes practice, but it’s sometimes a smart idea to go back to the fundamentals of the planning and preparation. In this sponsored video lesson, Outdoor Photography Guide’s pro photographer David Johnston takes you through his entire photo prep process including a few tools that aid him. For scouting locations, the Hyper Clarity Binoculars from FujiFilm is a crucial tool.

David’s first priority is to find an ideal outdoor location by searching Google Earth, which shows you a bird’s eye view and a land view of your chosen terrain. Google Earth also includes access to a searchable database of archived photographs in specific locations. You can search wide angle and telephoto images and even rotate the views. In addition, you can download an app that shows you the sun location at any point in the day on any day.

Once in his chosen location, in this case, Utah’s Bryce Canyon National Park, David uses his FujiFilm Hyper Clarity binoculars to scout ideal shooting sites. He recommends these FujiFilm binoculars because of super clarity, focus priority, and ease of eye adjustment. If you are using a telephoto lens, the FujiFilm Hyper Clarity binoculars add an advantage for discovering fine details in a landscape formation. Often, David will scout a landscape carrying only the FujiFilm binoculars, then come back later with his camera gear to photograph his visual choices.

In this video sponsored by FujiFilm, take a trip into nature with Outdoor Photography Guide’s professional photographer David Johnston who shows you how to prepare for a photo shoot including the use of his go-to tool, the Hyper Clarity Binoculars from FujiFilm. For more information on these remarkable binoculars, visit the company’s website.

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