David Johnston

How to Safely Back Up Your Photo Files

David Johnston
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Duration:   5  mins

Over the years, you have accumulated a library of photo files from many field trips and outdoor adventures. You may have captured thousands of images, but the challenge is how to preserve them safely. This raises the question: how do I backup my photos? In this free video, Outdoor Photography Guide’s pro photographer David Johnston helps you solve the problem of backing up photos to preserve those memories.

To the question of how to backup my photos, the answer has to do with photo storage. On long field trips, David carries a number of memory cards in a safe waterproof case. This allows him to diversify his photographic output over several different memory cards. He states that if I backup my photos through smaller gig cards, then if I lose one card, I still have many others filled with my other images.

But what about cloud storage for you? Is that a good way to backup my photos? David likes cloud storage. After he has post processed his chosen files, he exports them into cloud storage, which lets him later locate certain images through date taken, date uploaded or subject matter. Some Cloud companies use artificial intelligence to sub-categorize files by subject with keywords: river, water, mountain, road, animals, birds, and more.

Another method for the backup my photos issue is the use of external hard drives. These small hard drives come in different sizes, but just a one-terabyte hard drive can store many thousand files. If you are on an overnight trip, you might carry an external hard drive to store the images you shoot each day.

Follow along with Outdoor Photography Guide’s professional photographer David Johnston who guides you through the process of backing up your photos. For you, it’s all about how to backup my photos safely to preserve your memories.

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One Response to “How to Safely Back Up Your Photo Files”

  1. Allen Babcock

    Enjoyed your talk. What Cloud Storage do you use. The one you demonstrated looked moderately sophisticated, especially the part about the Ai categorizing the images.

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