Doug Gardner

Shenandoah National Park—Course Preview

Doug Gardner
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Duration:   1  mins

In the Shenandoah National Park, whitetail deer run wild. In this photography course, outdoor photographer Doug Gardner roams the park in search of the elusive buck deer.

He shows you how to scout the woods to locate bucks: shaded depressions, water sources, edible berries, rubbings on trees, and territory markings. You will learn about the ideal environment to capture deer: open woods in the early morning or late afternoon on cold, overcast days. Doug tracks a rutting buck searching for does, constantly on the scent, fighting intruding bucks off its territory. With a long lens, Doug shoots a beautiful portrait of a resting buck.

Join pro shooter Doug Gardner for new wildlife photography tips from Shenandoah National Park.



Shenandoah National Park—Course Preview
Proper Lighting Exposure
Photographing Deer

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