David Johnston

Shooting in the Rain

David Johnston
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Duration:   2  mins

What is the first thing you are tempted to do when you are outside and it starts to rain? Most people would answer that they would make a mad dash to their car and go back home! Not us. We are outdoor photographers and there is actually a lot of photography potential when rain starts to fall. Number one: the amount of people in some of the best locations are going to be few and far between. Don’t be shocked if you have the entire landscape to yourself sometimes. But, what should you try to photograph when shooting in the rain and how should your camera’s settings be adjusted?

In this video, David Johnston will take you to one of his favorite waterfalls in Tennessee to show you how to photograph in the rain, what kinds of things to pair with rainy conditions, and how to remove the effects of rain from your photographs. Now, before you start shooting in the rain, be sure to have the proper water gear, such as a cover for your camera and lenses to keep them dry. An easy photography hack is to simply use a plastic bag that zips shut to keep moisture off of your gear.

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