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Tamron 15 30 Lens

Ian Plant
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Duration:   2  mins

What kind of lens have you been using for your landscape images? Maybe you are thinking of a new lens to improve those images. In this video, professional outdoor photographer Ian Plant travels to the majestic Canadian Rockies to show you why the Tamron 15 30 just might be your new go-to lens.

As Ian explains, what makes the Tamron 15 30 so special is the extreme, wide angle perspective that expands on how you create your scenic compositions. For example, this lens works best when you are photographing huge landscapes and you need deep dramatic foregrounds, massive mountains and colorful skies in the background. The Canadian Rockies provide the ideal setting to demonstrate how to take advantage of the Tamron and its various features.

You will learn how to get close to your foreground to create visual drama from near to far. Ian shoots a glacial lake with a color-soaked mountain rising into a high blue sky blooming with clouds. As he demonstrates, this technique calls for the dynamic clarity that the Tamron 15 30 provides. For these types of wide angle, landscape images, Ian generally uses an aperture of f-8 or f-11. However, if you are doing low light or night photography, the f.2 aperture is ideal.

For landscape photography, Ian generally recommends using a tripod for maximum stability, but for scenes where you have to move quickly because the weather elements may be constantly changing, this lens features vibration compensation in place of a stable tripod.

Through his own gorgeous sunrise images of the Canadian Rockies, Ian shows you how to put the Tamron 15 30 to effective use and create sharp superb scenes. Join pro shooter Ian Plant to learn the features, advantages, and benefits of the unique Tamron 15-30 lens.

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