Tamron 17-35mm Lens Features

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If you are a dedicated outdoor photographer, you probably brave the snow and cold weather to capture your winter scenes. World renowned outdoor photographer Ian Plant shares your passion. In this free video, he takes you to a midwest winter location and shows you how to capture dramatic images with the portable Tamron 17-35mm lens.

A wide angle zoom lens for full frame cameras, this Tamron lens is ideal for walking around in cold weather when you’d prefer not to carry too much gear. The bleak gray colors of winter can make traditional landscapes uninspiring. Therefore, Ian uses the Tamron 17-35mm lens to capture a variety of images, from near to far. He calls these photographs winter intimates. You will learn how the Tamron 17-35mm lens allows you to zoom in for close shots such as leaves, rocks, and animal prints, and also to go wide for tree, shadow, and ice patterns.

Overcast winter days make it difficult to capture color and contrast. Intrigued by the shadow patterns, Ian prefers to work on sunny days. He finds he does his best photography at sunrise and sunset when the contrast is more pronounced. At these times of day, the Tamron 17-35mm lens helps enhance the golden snow color. The subtle changing of the light offers a range of choices for imaginative images. You will learn how to stop down your exposure setting and shoot into the sun for starburst effects. Using the widest angle of this lens, you can also create amazing backlighted landscapes.

Pro photographer Ian Plant urges you to get out in winter and explore your photographic opportunities with the portable Tamron 17-35mm lens. You will be delighted with your own winter intimates.

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