Doug Gardner

Uncovering South Carolina's Shorebirds - Course Preview

Doug Gardner
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Duration:   1 mins

Coastal South Carolina is home to a large variety of nesting shorebirds. In this video series, pro wildlife photographer Doug Gardner takes you to the coastal beaches where he captures exquisite images of the these remarkable birds. He photographs fast-moving sandpipers and willets feeding on horseshoe crab eggs. He ventures into Charleston’s Crab Bank for tips on capturing pelicans, terns, skimmers, clapper rails, and more. Later, Doug crawls onto the slimy pluff mud to photograph short-billed dowitchers, black bellied plovers, and sandpipers. Whether in the golden light of early morning or in the late fading sunlight, it’s all about tips on capturing dramatic portraits and behavioral images of all these incredible shorebirds.


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