Understanding Texture and Color

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Duration:   2  mins

Professional landscape photographer Ian Plant discusses the importance of seeking contrast between colors and light and shadow to create texture in your landscape photos. Texture is important because it creates visual separation between objects, and gives your photos a three-dimensional feel.

Check out this article to learn more on using complementary colors in your photography.

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2 Responses to “Understanding Texture and Color”

  1. Bob Phipps Photography

    Great photo work. My work is landscapes of the eastern Appalachian range. Born in WV and have lived in NC for 23 years now. Mostly a landscape artist but enjoy macro. Did a lot of macro while teaching Biology. Slides were easy to use in the classroom. Now I do print work for picture /frame sales. Thanks for you training programs. They help a lot in area I need refreshing. Keep up the great work. :)

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