Urban Architecture Photography Ideas and Techniques

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In this session, Layne uses the outside wall of a historical building in Minneapolis, Minnesota, to demonstrate several techniques in composition, lighting, and subject selection. Learn more of his tips for shooting historical locations in your urban architecture photography.

Every city has a history, and the urban landscape includes pieces of it. It is important to capture these snapshots in time while we still have them. In this session, you will get some fresh perspectives on shooting historical locations in your urban architecture photography. With Layne’s guidance, you will better understand how to use depth of field when working with reflection, and how to select the best lens to complement your composition choices. You’ll get a feel for light and shadow as they accent a particular component of your subject. You will also see, as Layne seeks to highlight a piece of Minneapolis history, that as an urban landscape photographer, your images will do more than just record historical events; you will be telling the city’s story.