Urban Landscape Photography: Construction Sites

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Your own urban landscape probably has several construction zones at any given time. Take a walk around and capture the action, the motion, and the progress of your city. You’ll be surprised at the interesting photo opportunities you find.

Urban landscape photography is all about capturing real life, and change is part of life. Some part of every urban landscape is under construction at any given time, and that presents some fascinating opportunities for urban landscape photography.

You probably won’t be able to just wander onto any particular construction site, but as Layne shows us in this session, you really don’t need to be on the grounds for some great images. You will see how to play the light off the angles of the equipment and how to use different lenses on the same shot for different perspective on the subject. You’ll learn how to use long exposure without a tripod to capture motion. Construction projects can be interesting urban landscape photography opportunities to illustrate progress and action.