Urban Landscape Photography Ideas on the Fly

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When you see something that you simply must photograph, you may find yourself planning on the run how to get the shot. In this session, we follow along with Layne while chasing an urban landscape shot in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Sometimes the shot can’t wait; you see something that is so compelling that you need to stop what you’re doing and pursue the photograph. In this session, you will get some urban landscape photography ideas in for developing a theme and composing the shots to create it. You will also discover when you can drop the tripod; not every situation requires the steady surface it provides.

While driving around Minneapolis, Layne’s eye is caught by something and we get to follow him as he chases the urban landscape shot, only to find something even more compelling on the way – almost literally, on the run. Inspiration is not something that you can schedule, and here you will learn to grab hold of any urban landscape photography ideas you may encounter in your everyday life.