David Johnston

How to Use AI Sky Enhance in Lightroom

David Johnston
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Duration:   7  mins

You’ve probably captured a beautiful landscape image full of exciting colors and good composition only to be disappointed in the sky. It might be dull gray or washed out. In this premium video lesson, photographer David Johnston takes you into his edit suite and illustrates the use of Lightroom’s AI Sky adaptive replacement.

By way of example, David works with his image of layered mountains topped by a dull yellow sky. The image sat in his archives for over a year and never captured his imagination. In Lightroom’s Develop module, he turns to a new preset, Adaptive Sky or AI Sky. which detects the sky area of his image. David now has a choice of different skies, for instance, Sunset or Sunrise. He chooses Sunset AI Sky, and makes saturation changes with the adjustment slider. Unsatisfied, he switches to the Sunrise AI Sky. Working with the saturation color sliders, he arrives at the AI Sky he likes best.

But he continues his editing, focusing on the entire image and working with the color, luminance and tint sliders for added drama. Changing the Temperature slider results in a more realistic photograph. His final adjustment is to increase the clarity for additional contrast. The Histogram looks ideal. With the added AI Sky, the result is a postcard photo of the Smoky Mountains taken from an overlook.

In experimenting with AI Sky, you might want to review some of your older landscape images. If you are unsatisfied with the skies, then try out AI Sky enhancement for a new look. In this premium video lesson, Outdoor Photography Guide’s pro photographer David Johnston shows you a tool that will give your photographs a fresh look. The AI Sky presets include Blue Drama, Dark Drama, Neon Tropics, Storm Clouds, Sunrise and Sunset. You can create heaven in your skies.

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