David Johnston

What to Look for in a New Camera

David Johnston
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Duration:   6  mins

You decide to buy a new camera, but with myriad choices, which camera is right for you? In this premium video, Outdoor Photography Guide’s David Johnston goes through the factors to consider when purchasing a new camera.

What is the main use for your camera? Landscapes, travel, cities, wildlife, portraits? For example, with landscapes, you need a big sensor and weather sealing. In travel photography, you need a smaller lightweight camera with more features.

David recommends considering battery life, built-in features, and which lenses fit your new camera. For built-in features, don’t worry about sensor size. Most cameras have high-resolution shooting options. Instead, look for built-in shooting styles. For David, lens selection is most important. Check what mount the camera features and then how many lenses are available to fit. This includes third party lenses, which are often less expensive.

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