Doug Gardner

Wildlife Scavenger Hunt in South Carolina - Course Preview

Doug Gardner
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Duration:   1  mins

Jump in the boat with professional wildlife photographer, Doug Gardner, as he takes you on a wildlife scavenger hunt on Lake Marion in South Carolina in search of wild birds.

Doug stops to shoot the fascinating Osprey, then drives his boat to a backwater swamp where he photographs a rookery of wild birds. He captures numerous images of the colorful, yellow warbler, barred owls in flight, and green herons hiding in the trees. He also explains telephoto lenses, exposure settings, focus, white balance, and the use of natural light.

In these videos of the Wildlife Scavenger Hunt in South Carolina, pro shooter, Doug Gardner, shows you new tips and techniques that will bring life to your portraits of wild birds.



Wildlife Scavenger Hunt in South Carolina – Course Preview
Tips & Techniques to Photographing Osprey
Photographing Birds Along a Rookery
Encounters with More Wildlife

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One Response to “Wildlife Scavenger Hunt in South Carolina - Course Preview”

  1. Teresa

    I'm trying to watch the scavenger hunt video on my Samsung Note 8. It's a completely black screen. I tried refreshing the page & full screen or normal. Still not working.

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