Doug Gardner

Winter Wildlife Photography in Yellowstone National Park - Course Preview

Doug Gardner
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Duration:   1  mins

Join outdoor photographers Doug Gardner and Jared Lloyd in a Yellowstone winter expedition that will give you crucial tips and techniques for photographing the impressive animals that live there. This course will also give you greater respect for the animals that survive the bitter winters of Yellowstone.

If you’d like to shoot wildlife in a pristine and challenging winter environment, you’ve come to the right place to get the information and insights you need. In this session, taking place in Yellowstone National Park, a pair of professional photographers suit up and go into the wild to provide you with a stunning winter wildlife photography tutorial.

Before starting the photo shoot, Doug Gardner and his partner in photography, Jared Lloyd, demonstrate what they wear in winter at Yellowstone. From donning multiple undergarments to wearing goggles to prevent snow blindness, Doug and Jared offer many tips you can incorporate into your own winter photography expeditions.

Since they must use their fingers to adjust settings on their cameras, they share their choices for basic gloves that are thin enough to work with as an underlayer beneath the heavier mittens and gloves they wear when not actively shooting. Doug illustrates the importance of shooting with gloves on by showing his knuckles, gray and deeply cut from severe frostbite caused simply by taking his gloves off for a few minutes in extreme winter conditions.

Yellowstone Wildlife Photography Tutorial

Safely ensconced in winter-weather wear, Doug and Jared will take you along as they head out in search of Yellowstone wildlife to photograph. Along the way they patiently watch several animals, including a coyote stalking its next meal, a group of bison burrowing into the snow in search of grass to eat, and a stately elk grazing along a riverbank.

In this wildlife photography tutorial, Doug and Jared illustrate both the joys and challenges of photographing these impressive animals and explain how to patiently prepare for and execute the great shots.



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