Zooming During Exposure

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Duration: 6:29

Using one concept in a few different ways, you can create a number of distinctive images. In this video, you will learn several techniques for using a zoom lens during a long exposure to create a feeling of motion through the dark. Layne Kennedy describes and demonstrates how to select a subject, how to use focus, and what happens with zooming in as opposed to zooming out. You will also see the differences in the speeds of the zooms. Layne gives a good explanation of the effects of quicker exposures when compared to longer exposures.

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One Response to “Zooming During Exposure”

  1. Gina

    So fun to stumble onto this video! I use to wait on Layne at Procolor in the late 80’s/early 90’s and so glad to see he’s still creating and instructing! I learned much from him by just discussing his images that he would bring in. Hi Layne!

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