• 4:13

    Sand Dunes Photography Tips

    In this video, professional landscape photographer Ian Plant discusses his favorite tips and techniques for sand dunes photography. Watch and learn as he talks about light, composition, and strategies for scouting dune fields to find the best possible shots.

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  • Blending Exposures Using Photoshop

    Blending Exposures Using Photoshop

    To achieve a spectacular landscape photograph in the ultra wide format, blending exposures is the way to go. This creative technique allows you to hold sharpness from the front of your image to the back. In this video, professional outdoor photographer, Ian Plant, shows you the methods of blending exposures. Ian explains, “When you are…

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  • 1:32

    Shooting with a Grad ND Filter

    Some of the best places to shoot landscape photographs are in the state parks across the country. Wasatch State Park in Utah is one of the most beautiful. In this video, landscape photographer, Adam Barker, takes you there for tips on creating a memorable image with a Grad ND filter. Adam finds what he calls…

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  • 8:18

    Photographing Wildlife: Strategies and Techniques

    Outdoor shooters generally love photographing wildlife. In this video, outdoor photographer, Adam Barker, hikes into a snow-packed canyon in Utah’s Wasatch Mountains and shows you tips on photographing wildlife. Adam makes a list of what he calls Wildlife Essentials: a long telephoto lens, a sturdy tripod, and the camera set to shoot in a shallow…

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  • 0:33

    Capturing Alaska’s Beautiful Mountains, Glaciers & Waterfalls – Course Preview

    Pack your camera gear and venture into Alaska’s vast rugged frontier. In this video series, professional nature photographer Doug Gardner takes you to the state’s remote areas for an amazing photographic adventure. Flying passenger seat in an airplane, he captures Alaska’s beautiful scenery patterns, the glaciers, waterfalls, snow-covered mountains, and clear blue lakes. Back on…

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  • 9:27

    Aerial Photography Tips and Tricks

    In aerial photography, preparation is half the battle in capturing images you will be happy with. In this video, professional nature photographer Doug Gardner rides passenger in a Cessna airplane for tips and tricks on aerial photography. Doug and pilot Glen Alsworth fly over Alaska’s snow-covered mountains and clear blue lakes, and even the famous…

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  • 8:18

    Photographing Shamrock Glacier & Mt. Spurr

    For an ideal experience in outdoor photography, you have to take an airplane into Alaska’s Shamrock Glacier. In this video, pilot Glen Alsworth flies professional nature photographer Doug Gardner into the backcountry for a unique adventure. They hike a bear trail to get to the glacier. Working with a telephoto zoom lens, Doug shows you…

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  • 7:22

    Capturing Tanalian Falls

    The picturesque Tanalian Falls in Alaska is located in an isolated glacial valley. In this video, professional nature photographer Doug Gardner takes you there for some dramatic photography. He wears waterproof waders in order to get closer to the falls. You will learn to shoot waterfalls from a side angle where you can add foreground…

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  • Photography Outdoor Lighting Tips

    Photography Outdoor Lighting Tips for Mid-Day Light

    How often have you encountered a dramatic outdoor subject only to be victimized by the wrong photography lighting? Professional photographer, Jim Zuckerman, came across this problem in Maine. Jim shoots a classic New England church under mid-day sun with the front in shadow. You will learn how to overcome the problem of high contrast in…

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