• 1:12

    Shooting the Ten Thousand Islands – Course Preview

    Photographing wild birds in Florida’s Ten Thousand Islands can be wonderfully rewarding. In this tutorial series, outdoor photographer Doug Gardner guides his kayak through the mangroves of the Everglades to photograph these birds as they feed, flock, and fly. He will capture action shots and close-ups of willets, rosy spoonbills, pelicans, avocets, and more. You…

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  • 5:47

    Photographing Wildlife in the Mangrove Forest

    Photographing wildlife in the mangrove forest of Florida’s Everglades is exciting. Outdoor wildlife photographer Doug Gardner will show you why. He searches for water birds in late afternoon when the tide drops, which creates food sources for the birds. From the vantage of a moving kayak, Doug shoots a flock of willets feeding in the…

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  • 2:58

    Photographing Birds: Capturing Spoonbills and Pelicans

    The mangrove forest of Florida’s Everglades is a wonderful venue for photographing birds. In his yellow kayak, outdoor wildlife photographer Doug Gardner takes you through the Everglades in search of beautiful white pelicans. In the golden light of late afternoon, the mangrove shadows provide a dramatic backdrop for photographing the white pelicans taking off and…

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  • 15:11

    The Saltwater Estuaries of the Everglades

    The saltwater estuaries at the end of the Florida Everglades are home to an ecosystem that supports remarkable wildlife, from large fish to small birds. Outdoor wildlife photographer Doug Gardner journeys there to explore this tremendous diversity of wildlife. He paddles the area in a kayak, keeping the wind to his back, allowing him to…

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