• 0:50

    Flower Photography Artistry – Course Preview

    It takes education, patience, and practice to achieve flower photography artistry. In this video series, renowned professional photographer Tony Sweet takes you to the majestic Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania and shows you how to capture a variety of flowers in full bloom. You will learn how to compose close ups, the ideal camera settings, and…

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  • 7:04

    Isolation Photography: Capturing Flowers

    One aspect of creating a quality image is to isolate your subject. In this video, professional photographer Tony Sweet will show you the principles of what he calls isolation photography as he captures an exquisite flower. He shows you how he identifies the main flower subject, with a soft contrasting background to accommodate the isolation…

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  • 7:09

    Close-Up Photography: Shooting Patches of Flowers

    Close-up photography takes creative concentration because it includes careful preparation to capture the intricate details of your subject. In this video, professional photographer Tony Sweet gives you tips on how to photograph isolated patches of garden flowers. You will learn how to identify an ideal macro image, how to align the flowers for optimum depth…

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  • 2:43

    Panning and Stitching Photos on the iPhone

    Professional photographer Tony Sweet is a fan of iPhone photography. In this video, he shows you why. As an example, he demonstrates the iPhone stitch plan. In horizontal format, he photographs four overlapping images of a water lily pond in order to create a panorama in editing. He shoots off axis to keep his images…

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  • 4:58

    Capturing Dew Drops to Enhance Your Photos

    The combination of backlighting on freshly watered flowers often creates a beautiful scene. In this video, professional photographer Tony Sweet photographs dew drops clinging to a growth of fuchsia flowers. Using a 500mm lens and with a high shutter speed, he shoots the blown-out dew drops to capture blurred visual abstracts. In both vertical and…

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  • 7:41

    Capturing Flowers Using Multiple Lenses

    It’s always wise to work your subject with multiple compositions. In this video, professional photographer Tony Sweet photographs rudbeckia flowers with a 105 lens from multiple angles and also with a Lensbaby. For maximum sharpness, you will learn to shoot with your lens on the same plane as your flower, using the proper camera settings…

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  • 2:01

    Editing Photos with the Camera Bag App

    Camera apps on the iPhone are wonderful creative tools. In this video, professional photographer Tony Sweet uses his iPhone to capture a full frame, close up image of a colorful flower. He drops his image into the Camera Bag App, which gives him a large file size suitable for printing. He then walks you through…

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  • 4:46

    Controlling the Light of Your Shot

    When you are photographing a flower in front lighting conditions, the result can be unflattering. In this video, professional photographer Tony Sweet uses a diffusion disk to overcome this problem. With a 105 macro lens, he fills the frame with the beautiful white flower including the stamen. He holds the diffusion disk between the sunlight…

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  • 3:46

    Handheld Macro Photography

    There are situations where handheld macro photography works well. In this video, professional photographer Tony Sweet shows you this technique when shooting the hibiscus flower, whose structure has too much depth of field to capture overall image sharpness. Tony takes an abstract approach. With the 105 macro lens, he captures the flower’s interior through a…

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